The party started in 2004 when Duncan George and Matt Gray joined forces, becoming one of the first nights to bring the best in contemporary minimal house, techno and electronica to the city of Bristol.

Inspired by the DIY ethic and a shared love of Basic Channel, under_score single handedly brought many important international DJs and producers to intimate venues around the city, always taking a chance and often pre-empting the wider success of some of today’s leading lights in the global electronic music scene.

Always open to new sounds and the overarching principles of dubby dance music in general, under_score saw links between the burgeoning dubstep sound and the Berlin techno firmament, in turn curating perhaps one of the first nights that witnessed a high profile crossover as Scion shared a stage with Kode 9, Pinch and Bass Clef at Venn Festival 2006. under_score was fortunate to play a part in the programming of this awesome and fondly remembered festival between 2005-2008, bringing Moritz Von Oswald, Errorsmith, Lawrence and Vladislav Delay among many others to Bristol for the first time.  

under_score has hosted regular and one off parties at venues all over Bristol at venues including; Cosies, Tube, Cube Microplex, Day+Night, Blue Mountain, Louisiana, Dojos, Arnolfini, Motion and Clockwork.

We have forged long-standing collaborations and friendships with like-minded parties such as; Tape, Bruk, UFO, and Triptic, not to mention bringing 4/4 to the Blackout Tent at a danceless Ashton Court in 2006 with the live under_score boxjam featuring residents Jim Petherwick and Paul Purgas.

Our resident DJs have graced the decks at some of the finest parties past and present including; Cuisine, Byte, Summer Summons, Chien!, Blowpop, Tape, Mutant Pop, Micropointe, UFO, Best Before, Kingpin, Triptic, Bleeep!, Frijsfo Beats, Rave On Avon, Drama, Donuts, AFM, Campari Safari, Dirty Talk, Boundary Object, I Love Acid, Eclectric, Body Hammer and Disco Nectar. 




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under_score (16/10/15) | Poster: Conor Thomas @ Cosies w/ Andy Payback, Placid, Jim Petherwick

under_score (20/03/15) | Poster: Strategy @ Cosies w/ Chris Farrell, Placid, Jim Petherwick

under_score (24/10/14) | Poster: DJ Guy @ Cosies w/ Jim Petherwick, Placid, Paul Purgas, BMO

under_score (09/04/10) | Poster: Lakuti @ Day Night w/ Furesshu, Placid, Luke Malcher & Jim Petherwick

under_score (12/03/10) | Poster: Capracara @ Day Night w/ Shaun Tennant, Luke Malcher & Jim Petherwick

under_score (12/02/10) | Poster: Wbeeza @ Day + Night w/ Jay-L, Andy Mac, Placid & Jim Petherwick

under_score (04/07/09) | Poster: under_score Vs UFO @ Tube w/ Mitch, The Kelly Twins, Jim Petherwick & Placid

under_score (06/06/09) | Poster: Rob Hall @ Tube w/ Gilbatron, Jim Petherwick, Jim Petherwick & Luke Malcher

No poster available

under_score (02/05/09) | Poster: Timeblind @ Tube w/ Narcossist, Jim Petherwick & Luke Malcher

under_score (04/04/09) | Poster: Murmur & Bovill @ Tube w/ Luke Malcher, Placid & jim Petherwick

under_score (07/03/09) | Poster: Sven Weisemann @ Tube w/ Richard Carnage, Jack The Red, Jim Petherwick & Placid